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McCoy Fall Pic

McCoy Fall Pic

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fun Run for School Fundraiser

Gymnastics Show

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Jane's 2nd Grade Program

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IT'S A ......


Spring Break #firstworldproblems

Two weeks before leaving for Mexico, Patrick and Julia decided to heed warnings about Zika virus and changed their travel plans. There was one hotel available on the whole coast of Florida during Jane and Madelyn's Spring Break week, but it wasn't available until Wednesday. The McCoy family headed to the airport at 5:30 am in a blizzard. After four hours of flight delays, their flight got cancelled. The one road out of the airport was closed, so they had to wait another eight hours in the airport for the road to open. They eventually got out on the next available flight Friday morning for a much needed relaxing beach vacation.
 Denver Airport

 Maddy loves jumping over the waves.

 Jane joyfully played in the waves for many hours.
 Fort Lauderdale

 The traditional Red Rocks Easter pictures were replaced by Easter beach pictures this year.

 These two were the littlest biggest snorkeling champs in the Florida Keys!!

Key Largo

Key Lime Pie at sunset!!!!!

Hotel Easter egg hunt on Easter morning.

The Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Broncos win the Super Bowl!!!!

Madelyn's school work.