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McCoy Fall Pic

McCoy Fall Pic

Friday, September 12, 2014

Maddy says

"The thunderstorm woke me up but he can't say sorry because he is not a people."

"Does that guy have a baby in his tummy?"

"Can cheetahs run faster than my high tops?"

Madelyn: "Mom! Jane is playing teacher in the breakful room."
Mom: "What is the breakful room?"
Madelyn: "The room with all your stuff that can break."

Mom: "Madelyn, what are your feet doing up on the table?"
Madelyn: "Smelling."

"That woman must have eaten all her growing food because she has dessert in her tummy."

Mom: "Madelyn, did you eat this book?"
Madelyn: "Well, I don't eat the ones made of wood but I do eat the ones made of paper."

"Broccoli is not my BFF food."

Madelyn: "Do you know why your heart is the most important part of your body?"
Mom: "Why?"
Madelyn: "Because that's where God is."

Jane says

"Why do we have to pay for our house? It's not even going to say thank you."

Baltimore versus Pittsburg football game is on tv. Jane cheers, "Broncos! Broncos! Broncos!"

These girls love amusement parks!!

Jane: "Mom, that can't be a turd because turds don't smile."(she thought it was a cupcake)

Nami, Poppa, and Uncle Tom came to visit. Here are some adventure pictures from Heritage Square.

August - First day of school 2014.

 Jane's first day of first grade.
 Nami and Poppa were here to send her off.

 Madelyn's third and final first day of preschool.
She is not happy because she isn't allowed to take Mrs.Henkels (stuffed animal cat) to preschool.
 Jane turns the tables and takes a picture of us on her first day.
 All summer there was concern that Jane and Hudson wouldn't be in the same class. At orientation, they learned they were not only in the same class but their desks were side-by-side. 

Jane looking for her name on the class list during orientation. Her teacher Mrs.Luebcke is in the background.

On her birthday, big girl Madelyn got to go with Dad on a business trip to Minnesota.

August - Madelyn's 4th birthday party at Lollipop Park!!